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Following instructions from Warwick District Council, and in light of the government’s most recent announcement regarding Covid-19 and new restrictions relating to it, we are sorry to inform you that the 2020 Leamington Spa Half Marathon has now been cancelled.
The event was originally planned for July 5th but with the ever-changing picture around the global pandemic, the Raceways team worked hard in conjunction with our friends at Warwick Racecourse to ensure a version of the race could be run safely on their grounds for this year only.
However following further communication from Warwick District Council, we were told the race could not take place in 2020.
As with the cancellation of the Alcester 10k race last week, we are offering athletes the opportunity to run the Leamington Half virtually on any route they choose between the dates of September 24th and October 25th 2020.
Raceways backs Marathon Kids, the fully-funded running programme for children, and the charity is urgently in need of financial support, so we ask you to please commit to a virtual run if you can, rather than deferring your entry to 2021. Please send us a picture of your completed route either via email at or upload a photo and tag us on Facebook.
We are bitterly disappointed that we have had to take this course of action, and we apologise to all of those athletes who prepared and trained for the run, as well as raising much-needed funds for many charitable organisations such as ourselves.
Please contact for any queries relating to completing the Leamington Spa Half Marathon as a virtual race.


The race is on – but with a twist! The Leamington Spa Half Marathon returns for it’s 3rd year on Sunday 18th October 2020 – at Warwick Racecourse.

We are delighted to announce that a version of the Leamington Spa Half Marathon will take place at Warwick Racecourse on Sunday 18th October 2020. Due to the restrictions put in place caused by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot host the half marathon on the usual route. However, our operations team has worked tirelessly to find a solution, and we are thankful to Warwick Racecourse for hosting the event, which will operate in line with government guidelines.


The streets of Leamington Spa should have been packed out this Sunday 5th July, with
thousands of enthusiastic runners racing in the town’s annual Half Marathon, cheered on by
friends and family.

However, with the government guidelines still not allowing for such events due to the
effects caused by the pandemic, the race has now been moved to October 18th 2020 and will be held at Warwick Racecourse.

Already-registered athletes are now also being offered the opportunity to receive their
medal early by completing The Leamington Spa Half Marathon – Virtual Race in a single run between July 5th (the original date of the race) and August 5th 2020.

The Leamington Spa Half Marathon race registration is active EITHER for a virtual run between July 5th and August 5th, OR for the actual live event on October 18. If athletes wish to complete a virtual half marathon, they need to share a photo that evidences this to the Raceways social media pages during the July 5th – August 5th 2020 time period.

Raceways also reminds athletes to only attempt this virtual challenge if it safe to do so, and
aligned with government guidelines around social distancing during the current pandemic.


Raceways regrets to announce that it will be unable to host the annual kids’ fun run when the 2020 Leamington Spa Half Marathon takes place.

While many adult races in 2020 have been cancelled due to the effects of the global pandemic, the Raceways team and Warwick Racecourse have come together and agreed to host the half marathon there on Sunday 18th October, as the traditional route was not deemed suitable in the current climate.

Athletes competing in the half marathon at the racecourse will start in waves, based on their predicted finishing time, in order to keep all runners safe by continuing to observe social distancing guidelines set by the government. The racecourse provides ample space for the athletes who will complete the 21.1km route.

Raceways is part of Marathon Kids, a national charity that organises two free running programmes – Marathon Kids in schools and term time, and Marathon Kids in parks at holidays and at weekends.

Based on our experience of organising thousands of races for kids over the past decade, we do not feel it is logistically possible or fair to ask children – many of whom will be primary school age – to comply with the social distancing regulations that the adults will have to adhere to.

The kids fun run will return in 2021, and we apologise for any disappointment caused.


The Leamington Spa Half Marathon’s official charity partner is Leamington Spa based children’s charity Marathon Kids UK who are on a mission to get kids moving – find out more about their work HERE.

Would you like to run the Leamington Spa Half Marathon on 18th October 2020 for FREE and fund raise for Marathon Kids UK?

If so, enter online as normal and say YES to fundraising for Marathon Kids UK when prompted. Once entered, you’ll be contacted by one of our fundraising team who will help get you set up and once you’ve raised £125 we’ll refund your entry fee. It couldn’t be easier!

Or, if you’d like to run and raise funds for a charity close to your own heart then we’d encourage you to set up an online fundraising page (i.e. Virgin Money Giving or Just Giving) as an individual or as a team.

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